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this is KREBSTAR!

...turning metal into gold...

I'll still try anything 3 times.

title or description

(Stolen from a Beverly Hills 90210 fansite, it's Dylan's bio):
Part mystery man, part bad boy, Blake has given everyone in Athens a run for their money. In high school, Blake was either the guy you wanted to be or the guy you wanted to date, and was always the one you trusted most. Not much has changed since then, except for maybe his hairstyle, which makes him a breath of reality in not-so-real Classic City. If anything, Blake has only grown more straightforward and honest over the years, particularly with himself. After going down dark roads, he’s trying to climb his way back, and just might make it. He’s always been able to see the good in people -- even in Gina, especially in Kelly-- and doesn’t care what other people think. There’s no question that Blake's laid-back style, down-to-earth attitude and killer smiles only add to his appeal. Oh, and he’s rich, too. Yum.