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02:54am 30/11/2009
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welcome home pilgrim.   
09:23pm 18/11/2004
mood: calm
Hello everyone. I am new here. I recently retired from video games and now stay up all night playing guitar and writing songs about you, and you, and you. I hope to be in a band really soon with Jake and Jessica. They are great. I hope to meet lots of you tonight at the duderock/skynyrd show. I don't drink coffee, but you may find me at hot corner on occasion. I'm somewhat reclusive but I enjoy a sense of community. I hope to find that with lots of you.

I have decided to host a "Dinner Crew Reunion" at my place sunday evening. I hope that it doesn't interfere with any other plans. If you attended D.C. this summer, please don't feel like you are obligated to attend, but if you would like to enjoy some wholesome good times and food, then you are invited. Think of it as our own little thanksgiving before everyone goes home to their families.
Please bring something to share in the meal. Vegan and veggie dishes are encouraged. I will have chicken prepared.

NES bouts are encouraged. We will also burn a giant wooden desk in the fire pit. BYOB.

no phone numbers or directions will be placed here, so find a friend who knows and come on over.
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is this it?   
08:51pm 18/11/2004
mood: calm
Despite the info that spills from my lips, I am fiercely private and only reveal as much as I wish to people.
If I added you to my friends list, it is because I trust you, and I trust that you will not reveal any info held within my journal to outside sources.
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